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Chinese Double Eleven – do merchants really profit?
2017-11-21    Publisher:Alpine Cabin

This year's Double Eleven is history. Once again this major Chinese online sales event has broken all records - at least if one believes the information provided by the major Chinese Online Sales platforms. For example, online sales revenue of all Alibaba-managed sales platforms compared to last year increased by 40% to reach approximately $ 25 billion on that one day. JD even reported a 50% increase to $ 19 billion.

In fact, this day is a phenomenon which also western merchants who sell their products on one of these platforms can benefit from. The graph on the left showcases how we and our peer merchants experienced the Double Eleven revenue peak, on JD Worldwide.


However not all merchants benefit equally from Double Eleven. A professional preparation phase is the key to success, since the event does not happen on just that day. It rather starts at least 10 days before the 11.11. with a lot of online promotion announcements and online side events where the merchant has to perfectly position his products for the final race. It’s similar to a formula one race where success begins in the qualifying.